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Working with your best interest in mind is my top priority because you deserve the most effective representation.


My years of experience have given me the opportunity to know what strategies will work for your case.


The reason I got into law is to help the people who need it most. It brings me joy when I can help my clients move forward.

Car Accident & Personal Injury Attorney in Hazard, KY

Kyle S. Hall, Attorney At Law

Kyle S. Hall

Attorney at law

Since graduating from law school and passing the Kentucky Bar in 2012, my primary areas of focus has been personal injury law. Helping accident victims requires a strong sense of empathy and patience because of what my clients are going through at the time. As a result, my goal is for you to feel comfortable working with me throughout every phase of the legal process. I take this approach because I believe that with trust and effective collaboration, we can work toward getting you the justice you deserve.

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"Collaboration is key. If you and I can work together as an open and honest team, positive results are more likely to happen."

Kyle S. Hall

Helping with Your Auto Accident Injury

If you have been in a car accident and have suffered an injury as a result, you could have a lot on your plate. Car accidents affect you in many ways. It can physically hurt by injuring you long-term and it can mentally hurt you by causing you anxiety when sitting in the driver's seat. In most cases, a car accident can also hurt your bank account because of the damage done to not only your body, but your vehicle.

At The Law Office of Kyle S. Hall, we're here to assist with these problems, so you can focus on getting better.

As an experienced personal injury attorney, I've represented many car accident victims that have received compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, or even property damage.

If you're in Hazard, Kentucky, and need help receiving compensation for your injury, call me today to schedule a free consultation. I can review the details of your accident, the other parties involved and who is at fault, and what opportunities or angles I can use to get you back on your feet. Don't let your injury take over your life. Reach out today to begin moving forward.

Practice Areas

Car Accident Injury

If you believe the other party is at fault for your injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Let me help you.

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Domestic and Family Law

Divorce is not an easy process. Allow me to guide you through the process while keeping your best interests in mind.

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Estate and Property Law

Take control of your future; have a say in what happens to your belongings after you pass away.

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Don't Navigate the Legal System Alone

Personal injury cases are often complex, with many moving parts that make up your unique case. Because of my experience working with injured clients over the years, I have the right tools, resources, and patience to carry out your case with compassion, quality, and thoroughness. If you've been involved in a car accident that resulted in you missing work because of your injuries, I can help you get compensated for any missed wages. Working with clients in Hazard, Kentucky is a privilege I'm proud to take on, and my goal is to be strong and persistent with your case to get you justice.

Legal issues with family can be a dark and difficult time for many people. I can assist you with issues related to divorce, child custody & support, asset division, and debt management proceedings. Let The Law Offices of Kyle S. Hall give you a chance to move forward with a fresh start.

If you're in need for asset distribution or are starting a new business, I have extensive knowledge with estate planning and business law principles to get you the help you need. Schedule a free consultation below.